KwaZulu-Natal Democratic Alliance (DA)’s Mbali Ntuli says she is happy the charges she was facing within her party, have been provisionally withdrawn.

Ntuli was formally charged by her party in May this year over allegedly liking a Facebook post comment that called Western Cape Premier Helen Zille a racist.

The charges were for contravening the DA’s social media policy. She says she had maintained that there was nothing that warranted an extensive investigation.
Ntuli says she is happy her name has been cleared.

“Put this behind us as I’ve said from the beginning I did not think that it required to an extensive investigation but I am glad it now finished and we can move forward I think that nobody want to have their name cleared of things that people are unsure of I think that there was some side eying some different treatment from some colleagues but I think many people understood that it wasn’t the issue that was put up to be I’ve been fine,” says Ntuli.

Meanwhile, DA leader in KwaZulu-Natal Zwakele Mncwango says they have accepted the withdrawal of charges against Ntuli and that will allow them to focus on the 2019 elections, not internal battles.