DA’s Msimanga objects to proposed racial quotas

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Tshwane Mayor and nominee for the DA Federal Chairperson position, Solly Msimanga, has expressed his aversion to the establishment of racial quotas within the party.

The matter is to be debated at the party’s Federal Congress on Saturday afternoon as part of the party’s proposed constitutional amendments.

“If you want to reduce diversity to black and white we are no better than a nationalist organisation or an Africanist organisation. We pride ourselves to being an organisation that speaks for all. We are going to debate what people do think diversity means and for me that does not translate into quotas because if you do that you miss out on the opportunity to bring all other elements that make us a diverse group of people.”

Meanwhile, DA’s leader Mmusi Maimane has urged party members to continue to fight against racism.

“For centuries South Africa has been a battle ground of competing racial nationalists, wherever we turned walls were being built to separate us. When there are parties that come between us and try to resurrect those walls, we ought to be the party and we will be the party that breaks them down. Because when other parties say black people can only speak for black people and whites can speak for whites nothing is far from the truth because in this party I see South Africans of all kind black, white Indian, coloured standing up together for all South Africans.”

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