DA’s Herron has nothing to hide

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Cape Town Mayoral Committee member Brett Herron says he has nothing to hide. He says when the allegations of an improper procurement process for electric buses first emerged in November 2017, he wrote to the Speaker of Council requesting an investigation.

Cape Town council speaker Dirk Smit on Tuesday laid criminal charges against Herron and Mayor Patricia de Lille following the council’s resolution taken on the Bowman’s reports into maladministration. Herron says he welcomes the news that the Bowman reports have been submitted to SAPS for investigation.

He says Bowman found nothing against him, “They interviewed witnesses, they scanned my computers all three of them, they scanned the computers of all my staffers in the office, they interviewed me twice and in their own report they found that there is no evidence that I was involved in the procurement of the electric buses. Yet they recommend that criminal charges be laid and that another investigation be done.”