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‘DA manifesto to include ways on how to end rolling blackouts’

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Democratic Alliance (DA) Federal chairperson Ivan Meyer says the manifesto will include suggestions of how to end rolling blackouts as well as fight crime and create job opportunities.

“Well, you used this as a critical period in the history of South Africa because in the last 30 years, South Africa has become under the ANC a failed state, a criminal state and a mafia state. So for us, it’s important that we must rescue South Africa.”

Members and supporters of the DA have begun to gather at Church Square in Pretoria Central, ahead of the party’s launch of its 2024 elections manifesto..

They will march to the Union Buildings where the DA leader John Steenhuisen will unveil the manifesto around midday.

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The DA says that this occasion transcends the boundaries of a mere event and that it marks a movement of significant proportions, with the largest mobilisation effort in the history of the DA.

Additional reporting by Sibahle Motha