DA will retain Western Cape majority: Zille

Democratic Alliance
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Leader of the Democratic Alliance Federal Council, Helen Zille, says she is confident that the Democratic Alliance (DA) will retain the Western Cape with a convincing majority in the elections on Wednesday.
She was speaking at Pinelands High School in Cape Town where she cast her special vote
Eligible voters who applied for special votes will cast their ballots over the next two days. Over 1.6 million people have applied for special votes.
Zille says the ANC will get under 50% of the vote nationally.
“We would love to get more than 50% nationally but obviously, it would be brilliant for South Africa if that would happen but you don’t live in castles in the sky, you do your polling every day and you know what the reality is…but I am satisfied that we will go forward.”
VIDEO| Helen Zille to cast her special vote:
Meanwhile, supporters of the party in the province have vowed to keep the DA in power in the province.
The Democratic Alliance closed its election campaign with a final rally in Belhar on Sunday.
VIDEO | DA supporters vow to keep Western Cape ‘blue’: