DA will not apologise to De Lille

Patricia de Lille
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The Democratic Alliance (DA) says it will not apologise to GOOD Party leader Patricia De Lille as per the order from the Electoral Commission of South Africa(IEC)

On Tuesday, the IEC ordered the DA to desist from saying that De Lille was fired as Cape Town Mayor.

The party has been ordered to publicly apologise to De Lille within three days. De Lille had accused the DA of allegedly telling voters that she was fired when in fact she had resigned from the party.

DA representative at the IEC, Mike Moriarty, says they were in the process of firing De Lille before she resigned.

“At 11 o’clock on the night before that she was finally going to agree to appear before a disciplinary, she chose to resign. We don’t say that she was fired. People say to us, why did you fire De Lille and so our script is actually written in those terms to respond to the belief and the opinion of ordinary voters who their opinion is that she was fired.”