The Democratic Alliance (DA) says that the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) must explain how embattled Tshwane politician Sheila Senkubuge was voted to council allegedly before she became a naturalised citizen.

This is after a private citizen laid charges against Senkubuge questioning whether she was eligible to hold a council seat. The citizen allegedly claims that she held permanent residency at the time of her appointment, before she became a naturalised citizen.

The DA accepted Senkubuge’s resignation on Friday, amid allegations of involvement in what is being dubbed a ‘sex in the city’ scandal and political collusion, which were leaked through an audio file that went viral on social media earlier in the week.

The DA’s Acting Mayor of Tshwane, Abel Tau, says they want to establish the truth.

“We are a party that is thorough in its processes and obviously, due diligence was paid. But, obviously, we as people as well, we’re not immune to things falling through. It is my responsibility to get back and look into what really transpired. I think it’s important for all of us to be calm and look at the facts and, once we’ve established facts, we’ll come back and own up.”

Watch the video below for more on the story: 

Author- Tshimo Maputla