The Democratic Alliance (DA) will be holding its closing rally in central Johannesburg on Saturday ahead of the November 1 local government elections.

The event will be held at Mary Fritzgerald Square, just a stone’s throw from the City of Johannesburg’s municipal building that all major political parties will be vying to control. In line with COVID-19 regulations the party says it will accommodate approximately 200 people.

DA Federal Chairperson Ivan Meyer says, “We are pressing the reset button in this election, so I am proud that we are able here in Johannesburg, the financial capital not of South Africa but the financial capital of the African continent. And that we must work not just for the citizens of Johannesburg, not only for the citizens of Gauteng and not only for the citizens of South Africans but also for the citizens of Africa. This is the hub; this is the place where things happen. That is why we are launching our final rally here, sending a signal that we are here to fix the financial capital of the African continent and fix municipalities across South Africa.”

DA leader John Steenhuisen will deliver his message at noon with the party’s Federal Chairperson.

“You will hear our delivery track record because our manifesto is not a set of promises it is a set of commitments. They can hear what our real offer is. We are going to change the landscape in South Africa but there are three messages: go out and vote for the Democratic Alliance. Secondly, your vote counts when you vote for the DA. Thirdly, you must vote to have more district municipalities under the DA so that you can bring the landscape change across South Africa’s service delivery, growing the economy, creating jobs, making your town safer your children and you family that is the core message.”