DA to focus on eradication of poverty among young black women

Mmusi Maimane speaking
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Democratic Alliance (DA) leader Mmusi Maimane says his party will focus on the eradication of poverty among young black women as they are the most affected by poverty.

Maimane has been briefing the media in Chatty in Port Elizabeth, as part of the party’s “#OneSAforall” campaign.

Hundreds of supporters came out to be part of the launch.

“The face of poverty is female, young and black. This party, across all races, we recognise that. You can’t say you want to build one South Africa for all and have your citizens left out; we want citizens to be included in the economy so that we can bring growth and prosperity for our people. So I’m very passionate about building a South Africa for all. It’s a dream we hold, it’s an ambition we’ll push and ultimately what this South Africa is about.”

DA supporters have welcomed this launch and say they will continue to give their full support to the party.

“The launch was really important and it was very nice and I’m going to vote again for the DA,” says one of the supporters.

Another supporter says; “It was a nice day to be here at the launch, I think, in fact I’m not thinking I know that I am going to vote for the DA. ”