The Democratic Alliance (DA) Federal Executive will urgently convene to assess the impact of Herman Mashaba’s decision to resign as the Mayor of Johannesburg and member of the party. Mashaba made the announcement at a media briefing at the Johannesburg council chambers on Monday.

He previously indicated that he would call it quits, should what he calls the ‘right wing aligned DA faction’ wins.

Party spokesperson Solly Malatsi says, “Engagement will then extend to the DA caucus in Johannesburg which Mayor Mashaba was having as a councillor and caucus leader there and including the leadership of the DA in Gauteng about the best response in terms of an internal discussion.

That will ultimately get to the position of how we best proceed in response to this major development and also an internal process about the individual who the DA will propose ultimately as the one who will succeed Herman Mashaba.”

Announcing his resignation, Mashaba said those who chose to elect Helen Zille as the Chairperson of the DA’s Federal Council – are diametrically opposed to his belief and value systems. He voiced concern over the politics of the DA – and announced that he will vacate his post on the 27th of November.

Following her election as Federal Council Chairperson on Sunday,  Zille expressed her desire to discuss Herman Mashaba’s concerns after reports of his resignation.

” I wouldn’t jump into conclusion about Herman Mashaba by what I read in the newspapers and I would love to have a chat with Herman Mashaba. In fact if I recall correctly I was one of the people who recruited him into the Democratic Alliance. I did my very best and will continue doing my best to recruit people into the DA. “