DA threatens Stellenbosch University with legal action

Reading Time: 2 minutes

The Democratic Alliance (DA) has given Stellenbosch University until the end of business on Monday to comply with the Promotion of Access to Information Act or face legal action in court.

DA MP, Leon Schreiber, says the university has refused to publicly share correspondence and other evidence used to exonorate the Rector, Wim de Villiers, in an internal investigation into allegations of improper contact with retired Constitutional Court Judge Edwin Cameron.

He says De Villiers was the first respondent in the Constitutional Court case about the use of Afrikaans at Maties.

Schreiber says Cameron was elected as Stellenbosch University chancellor while the court case was still ongoing, and later delivered the judgement that effectively killed Afrikaans tuition at the university.

“This development follows the request filed by the DA under the Promotion of Access to Information Act in order for us to be able to see and interrogate the evidence that was used. However, this PAIA request was denied on the 7th of April. The Democratic Alliance has already consulted our lawyers who have indicated [to us that] we have a solid legal case,” explains Schreiber.

In the video below, ConCourt rules on the official medium of instruction at Stellenbosch University…