Democratic Alliance (DA) supporters have begun arriving at Mary Fitzgerald Square in central Johannesburg ahead of the party’s closing rally.

Marshals are manning the gate of the fenced-off area in the Newtown precinct to ensure that COVID-19 regulations are complied with. 200 people are expected to attend the event whose formal programme is set to kick off at 10 this morning with music and entertainment kicking off proceedings.

Party leader John Steenhuisen is due to speak just before 11 with the rally expected to conclude by before noon.

DA Federal Chairperson Ivan Meyer says, “We are pressing the reset button in this election, so I am proud that we are here in Johannesburg, the financial capital not of South Africa but the financial capital of the African continent. And that we must work not just for the citizens of Johannesburg, not only for the citizens of Gauteng and not only for the citizens of South Africans but also for the citizens of Africa. This is the hub; this is the place where things happen. That is why we are launching our final rally here, sending a signal that we are here to fix the financial capital of the African continent and fix municipalities across South Africa.”

Meanwhile, the DA Mayoral candidate for Mogale City on Johannesburg’s West Rand Tyrone Grey says, “The leader is going to be detailing offering about how we are going to get things done in local government. As you know, local government is the coal face of service delivery and it is incredibly important that people have access to electricity, water and a health safe environment as well as public transport and being tough on crime and the causes of crime, revitialising the local economy, engaging on collaborative housing and good health and governance.”

DA spokesperson Cilliers Brink speaks to SABC News ahead of the rally: