Political analyst Dr Ralph Mathekga says the Democratic Alliance (DA) should brace itself for a fierce battle if it wants to retain the administration of the Tshwane Metro in the November 1 Local Government Elections.

The DA took over from the embattled African National Congress (ANC) after the 2016 municipal elections.

The ANC lost to the DA following a change in its candidates’ lists which sparked intense infighting in its structures.

Attempts by the ANC provincial leadership to oust the DA from office through the courts proved fruitless.

The DA won the 2016 polls with a slight victory taking 93-seats while the ANC came second with 89.

The EFF secured 25 seats.

Political analyst Dr Ralph Mathekga says both parties are in a difficult situation.

“The DA could not fully consolidate power in Tshwane during its tenure. It has a terrible tenure through disruptions by the ANC and the DA cannot even measure its achievements in Tshwane. So Tshwane is lost to the ANC but not that all is lost as other areas. The ANC with a careful campaign in Tshwane can gain it back even without promising anything differently,” adds Mathekga.

John Steenhuisen keynote address on the DA’s launch of its 2021 Municipal Elections manifesto:

Earlier, the DA set itself a target of 50% plus one, to have full control of the Tshwane Metro Municipality.