DA says budget speech lacks plan to fix ailing economy

Mmusi Maimane
Reading Time: < 1 minute

Democratic Alliance(DA) leader Mmusi Maimane has criticised the Budget Speech saying it lacks a comprehensive plan to fix the ailing economy.

Maimane also says Mboweni seems to be distancing himself from fixing the challenges faced by state owned enterprises.

He says he hoped the Minister of Finance would come up with an economic plan but none was forthcoming.

“I thought he’d come up with a plan about which department we are going to cut so that we can free up the resources to the people, none was forthcoming. He minced his words about state owned enterprises by saying we should decide what we are going to do, as if he is not part of the government.”

“Projected growth this year was already from 0.7 to just over 1.2. This shows that actually the ANC has no plan to grow the economy, Maimane.

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