Democratic Alliance (DA) leader John Steenhuisen says municipalities run by the party consistently work towards lowering unemployment rates and ensuring financial sustainability.

Steenhuisen was addressing the party’s final rally in central Johannesburg as South Africa goes to the polls in the local government elections on the 1st of November.

“It’s DA governments that are shown to have the most pro-poor offer of services. Stats SA also tells us where you will find the highest and lowest unemployment rates. Here we can see that Cape Town has the lowest unemployment rate of all the metros by some distance and that DA-run Midvaal has a far lower unemployment rate than any of its ANC-run neighbours. We can rank municipalities according to their financial sustainability and these rankings put DA-run municipalities in the top 5 positions.”

DA Federal Chairperson Ivan Meyer says citizens have a responsibility to stop the rot in towns and cities across South Africa by voting for the DA.

He says every vote can make a difference.

“You don’t have to suffer anymore because your municipality fails to fix potholes and your road infrastructure in your town you don’t have to suffer anymore because the ANC is appointing cadres and corrupt mayors. It’s going to stop you have the power to stop it. You not only have the power to stop it, you have the responsibility to stop it but you also have a moral obligation to stop the rot in towns and cities across South Africa.”

DA urges South Africans to vote smart

The DA also urged South Africans to vote smart and vote with their heads. Steenhuisen requested citizens to give the DA an outright mandate for the next five years to bring the party’s vision and brand of clean governance to their towns and cities.

He has blamed the African National Congress (ANC) and its policies for the decay in municipalities across the country, saying the DA has a proven record of service delivery in the places it runs.

Steenhuisen called on people to vote for those who they believe will ensure service delivery in their municipalities.

“This is a local government election. It means that you are voting for a government that is going to be tasked with the day-to-day running of your town or city. This is about service delivery. It is about infrastructure maintenance. It is about looking after every cent of your money and making sure it is spent well and on the people and not stolen or spent on politicians. If you can do these things well, your municipality has every chance to succeed, but if you fail to do the basics, your municipality will fail and that is guaranteed.”