DA received over R15-million cash and in-kind donations from private individuals in last 5 months: IEC

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The Democratic Alliance (DA) has received the lion’s share of cash and in-kind donations from private individuals in the last five months.

This was revealed by the IEC during its release of its first-ever quarterly report detailing all declarations made by political parties in line with the Political Party Funding Act.

The party declared over R15-million in cash received over R400 000 in-kind donations and was the only party to receive a donation from a foreign entity.

Deputy IEC Chairperson Janet Love says: “Two entities, foreign entities made direct payments to a political party namely the DA during this period. These donations were compliant with the requirements as set up in section 8(4) of the Act, namely that the donations must only be for the purposes of training or skills development of a political party of policy development of that political party, there was no breach of the Act or contravention of the Act detected at this stage.”

IEC briefing on political party funding:

Earlier, the IEC said the majority of political parties in South Africa are not receiving much direct donations from private individuals.

The Act, which came into force in April 2021, requires political parties and their donors to disclose to the IEC donations of above R100 000 and the IEC to publish this information every three months.