DA leader John Steenhuisen emphasises the power of voting for his party

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Democratic Alliance (DA) leader John Steenhuisen says voting for the DA is more powerful than throwing a thousand stones.

Addressing his party’s virtual rally, he said his travels across the country showed him that people are angry about local government failures.

Steenhuisen says communities are using service delivery protests to motivate.

“There is another form of protest that is guaranteed to get better results and that is the protest you register with your vote. That simple little action of drawing a cross and a block on your ballot paper carries more power and brings more change than a thousand tyres burnt and a thousand stones thrown and that is why this year is so critical.”

He adds: “Millions of South Africans that have been left to fend for themselves have a small but powerful window of opportunity to say no that is not good enough!”

ANC and EFF not ready for local elections: Zille

DA Federal Council Chair Helen Zille says the African National Congress (ANC) and Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) are not ready for the local elections and are using the COVID-19 pandemic to have it postponed.

Speaking at the party’s virtual rally Zille said the pandemic is also being used to further the undemocratic purposes of government.

“The abuse of COVID to centralise all power to by-pass parliament to work by decree via command councils even that name it sounds like something from communist state command councils that we are being governed by. I mean the real president at the moment is Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma. Cyril Ramaphosa is just her spokesperson and the entire democratic system is being by-passed. Very few people realise that because of the fanfare when a few thousand vaccines arrive we are being conned.”