DA lays charges against Manana

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The Democratic Alliance (DA) has laid charges of bribery, extortion and corruption against African National Congress (ANC) ANC MP Mduduzi Manana at the Douglasdale police station in Johannesburg.

This after an audio clip surfaced in which Manana can be heard, allegedly offering his former domestic worker‚ Christine Wiro, a R100 000 bribe to drop an assault charge against him.

DA deputy shadow Minister of Women Terri Stander says Manana must be held accountable for allegedly offering  Wiro money to drop the assault charges she laid against him.

Wiro earlier claimed Manana verbally abused her and attempted to push her down a flight of stairs.

Stander says Manana’s behaviour is unrepentant. The party wants him to be removed as an ANC MP. The DA says Manana abused his position by allegedly offering Wiro money to avoid prosecution.

“This is how power, privilege and wealth can manipulate and avoid justice, especially when the victim is a vulnerable member of our society. With femicide, with the huge amount of violence against women, we see it every day, we have to work at removing manana from parliament so that he can go and rehabilitate in jail and not in parliament, where he enjoys the benefit of a salary paid by the tax payer.”

In 2017, Manana pleaded guilty to assaulting three women after a brawl in a Johannesburg nightclub.

The latest case involving his former domestic worker, Christine Wiro has again raised the ire of many.  Even though Wiro withdrew the case, the Directorate of Public Prosecutions instructed police to continue probing the matter.

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