MK eroding ANC support opening DA path to national govt: Steenhuisen

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Democratic Alliance (DA) leader John Steenhuisen has sent a clear message to the party’s opposition about the upcoming election saying they are gunning for a win. Steenhuisen was addressing thousands of supporters gathered on the lawns of the Union Buildings in Pretoria on Saturday as they launched their election manifesto.

He says in previous elections since 1994, everyone knew that the African National Congress (ANC) would win, the only question being by how much, however the opposition party leader says in this election, for the first time ever, the DA has a clear path to victory.

“As we speak, MK is devouring millions of ANC votes. And the ANC only has one man to blame for its demise: Cyril Ramaphosa, who, for decades, did everything in his power to enable and protect Zuma. Ramaphosa even freed over 15 000 criminals just to keep Zuma out of prison. The very same Zuma is now helping to evict Ramaphosa from the Union Buildings behind me. The demise of the ANC has opened the door for the DA to achieve what was once considered unthinkable: to enter national government.”

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