Democratic Alliance (DA) councilors Xanthea Limberg and Angus Mackenzie have laid criminal charges against former Cape Town Mayor Patricia de Lille at the city’s central police station.

Limberg says the charges fall under the Prevention of Organised Crime Act. She says they stem from an SMS that De Lille allegedly sent in 2016 to influence the re-appointment of the then-City Manager Achmat Ebrahim.

Limberg was part of a panel interviewing candidates for the position. She says despite the DA’s decision to withdraw internal charges against De Lille, this does not include criminal charges.

“The DA did enter into an agreement with Ms De Lille to not pursue charges but as part of that agreement any statutory charges were excluded from that agreement. So I am taking up my rights to ensure that I do the right thing by lodging a formal charge against Ms De Lille in trying to influence an appointment process which should not have been irregularly managed.”