The Democratic Alliance (DA) says if the African National Congress (ANC) wanted to pursue legal action against it over its controversial election billboard, it should have done so independently instead of using the Electoral Commission of South Africa’s (IEC) legal representatives and resources.

The DA has confirmed that it has been served with a letter from the IEC following a complaint laid by the ANC over the billboard.

The party says the billboard serves to commemorate the lives lost through ANC government action and inaction in the Life Esidimeni deaths, the Marikana killings, as well as children having died in pit toilets.

“We’re confident that the billboard does not violate any regulation or stipulation of the electoral act. However we’re surprised that the IEC has chosen to act on behalf of the ANC because in the case that the ANC felt aggrieved, they should be writing to us directly. Nonetheless we have written back to the IEC indicating that they must indicate to us the exact violation of the electoral act that we have made,” says Solly Malatsi, DA National Spokesperson.

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