DA concerned ink can be deleted, people can vote twice

Mike Moriarty says the ink used on voters rubs off.
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Democratic Alliance (DA) Principal Representative at the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC), Mike Moriarty says he is concerned about the indelible ink that is put on voters.

Speaking to SABC Digital News at the National Results Centre in Pretoria, Moriarty says the ink is able to be rubbed off, meaning that people can vote twice.

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Meanwhile, the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) says it is confident about its readiness to deliver free and fair elections on Wednesday.

In a media briefing at the IEC Results Operations Centre in Pretoria, the Commission has said a number of incidents that were reported since the start of the special votes on Monday are not going to characterise the elections.

Some of the problems experienced by the IEC on Monday include the removal of a Deputy Presiding Officer from a voting station in Benoni, Ekurhuleni following an investigation into a video showing a party agent assisting with the transfer of special votes.

The Commission says party agents are not permitted to handle any election material and may only observe and raise objections.