The Democratic Alliance (DA) is calling for South African Airways (SAA) to be shut down. This after SAA announced plans to cut all of its domestic routes apart from Johannesburg to Cape Town.

The airline says it’s taken the decision together with the Business Rescue Practitioners in an effort to make SAA profitable and sustainable. As of the 29th of February, SAA will no longer fly to a number of domestic destinations, including Durban, East London and Port Elizabeth.

Some regional and international routes will also be cut. DA Shadow Minister of Public Enterprises Ghaleb Cachalia says, “SAA is busy shutting down its flights left, right and centre. This is clear evidence that SAA is in a death spiral and the airline must be put out of its misery. There is no point in having misplaced pride in an airline for the sake of it.  So we have called for a shutdown of this airline, for the viable parts of it to be sold and privatised and for the unrivalled parts to be shutdown accordingly.”

Meaniwhile, The embattled airline on Thursday afternoon announced that it is to close its domestic flights to Durban, East London and Port Elizabeth while the number of flights to Cape Town will be reduced.

“On the domestic route network, SAA will continue to serve Cape Town on a reduced basis. All other domestic destinations, including Durban, East London and Port Elizabeth, will cease to be operated by SAA on 29th February 2020. Domestic routes operated by Mango will not be affected by the changes,” says SAA in a statement.

Those that have booked with the airline will be reimbursed.