Democratic Alliance (DA) leader Mmusi Maimane says removing some of the members of its top brass from serving in the Shadow Cabinet has to do with its plan to focus on the 2021 local government elections.

Former Deputy Chief Whip in the National Assembly Mike Waters and Chairperson of the Federal Executive James Self are not coming to the National Assembly.

In what has been seen as Maimane’s consolidation of his leadership, his preferred candidate Jacques Julius defeated Waters as Deputy Chief Whip in Parliament.

Briefing media during the announcement of what is called the Shadow Cabinet in Cape Town,  Maimane said the party wants some office bearers to put their energies into party work.

“As part of the DA you will notice that there are certain members who hold office …elected office within the party. Mike Waters is the one who is deputy chair of the party. Thomas Walters is another. He holds the position of the Deputy Federal Executive Council. James Selfe holds his position in that regard, and one of the things going into the elections in 2021 and going into the future is that there is work that must be done in Parliament but certain members who will equally focus on the work that we must do on the party and advance our electoral position going to 2021.”