Both the African National Congress (ANC) and the Democratic Alliance (DA) are claiming victory in Wednesday’s by-elections in Johannesburg.

Of the four wards that were being contested, the DA retained three and lost one to the ANC.

Wards 54 in the south of Johannesburg and 112 in Midrand became vacant after the DA promoted the councillors to be MPLs in the Gauteng Legislature.

In ward 83 in Roodepoort, a DA councillor died whilst in ward 109 in Alexandra, the party’s councillor there resigned.

The ANC in Johannesburg says the winning of ward 109 in Alexandra from the DA is an indication of the people’s renewed confidence in the party.

“This is a sign of the DA in disarray and the people of Alex, Malboro, Kelvin came out to demonstrate with their vote that the DA is not a party to be trusted,” says ANC member Jolidee Matongo.

The DA’s Tshepo Mhlongo says while they are happy to have  all other three wards, they tried their best to hold on to ward 109 in Alex after taking if from the ANC in 2016.

Now it’s back to the drawing board in preparation for the 2021 municipal elections.