The Democratic Alliance (DA) has set itself a target of 50% plus one, to have full control of the Tshwane Metro Municipality.  

Mayor Randall Williams revealed his plan for the coming five years if he gets re-elected. He was accompanied by DA leader John Steenhuisen and other party leaders at Groenkloof in Pretoria.  

He says the city needs the DA to make sure that issues of governance and administration are attended to, without political interference, where politicians want to have access to the tender processes.  

Williams spoke to DA members gathered at Groenkloof, in Pretoria this afternoon.

“From the first day that I returned to office, I encountered service delivery backlogs that went back for almost months, in every sphere of work that is required from the city. As you can imagine, the pressure from the residents to turn the city around was emerging, no sooner had we returned to office. We were inundated with complaints from residents on issues that had been reported but left unattended.”

Steenhuisen has appealed to all DA members and potential voters to use this coming weekend and register to vote in the November 1 local government elections.  

He says the DA is determined to further prove to South Africans that at the municipal level, service delivery is an order of the day.

The DA leader told party supporters that they need more votes in order to have an outright majority in Tshwane.

“The people trusted us and gave us the most votes out of any party in the last election, but it wasn’t enough. It wasn’t enough for us to be able to form our own majority here in Tshwane, so that we can govern uninterrupted for five years. And what that meant … it means we had to rely on some parties who were unstable, who walked on us. We were not guided by values and principles, not even by the project of uniting South Africans to defeat poverty and advance job creation and into a caring livable city.”