Democratic Alliance (DA) MP, Makashule Gana, has defended his party, saying they act swiftly to hold their members to account when allegations are placed before them.

DA Veteran MP, Dianne Kohler-Barnard, is reportedly being taken to the Equality Court over her remarks on rock-throwing incidents on the N2 Highway in KwaZulu-Natal in which she implied that black youths were targeting white motorists.

Speaking during the South African Broadcasting Corporation’s (SABC) Big Debate current affairs show, Gana says Kohler-Barnard was referred to the court by a DA member.

“The issue of Dianne is before the Equality Court, so why is she on the list? That is the point, that someone who is accused should not be on the list, the matter is before the Equality Court. The person who referred the matter to the Equality Court is a DA manager of Operations in parliament. When someone is accused, we don’t wait for any party or any member of the public to tell us what to do as soon as the allegations are put before us,” says Gana.

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