The Democratic Alliance (DA) has accepted Paul Boughey’s resignation.  Boughey served as the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) for the party. He handed in his resignation on Thursday after being in office for close to five years.

Boughey came into the position in 2014 after taking over from Jonathan Moakes. In his resignation letter, he states how grateful he is for the support and wisdom that the senior management team of the operation have offered him over the years.

Boughey states that the time had come for him and the party is now going through an important phase.

“The DA is currently going through an important phase of self-reflection, this is a necessary process in order to strengthen itself. I am always struck how much criticism the party and its leadership come under, when all too often so much of this critique is made blissfully unaware of how complex and important the DA and its cause is to South Africa,” says Boughey.