Victims of the latest cyclone hitting Mozambique face a food shortage, in spite of adequate power and water supply in relocation centers.

Cyclone Kenneth, the second powerful cyclone after Idai to strike Mozambique in six weeks, damaged at least 30 000 houses, causing relocation of near 21 000 residents, according to the Mozambique’s government.

In the worst-hit region — Pemba, the capital city of Cabo Delgado Province, more than 8 200 residents were moved to 11 relocation centers.

A conference venue of the ruling party was converted into a relocation center. Its three training buildings and two portable houses accommodated at least 1 500 residents, making it the largest relocation center.

A 60-square-meter room housed four families, a total of 29 people.

Although it was not roomy, the sanitation was relatively good, water and power supply were ensured as well.

Local companies and social organizations were donating for the victims and more would be transferred to the center.

“Everything is good. There is water, as well as electricity,” said a victim.

Food had been a headache for victims in the center.

The center consumed at least 250 kilograms of food a day but that was just for victims not getting hungry.

Food in all relocation centers come from the United Nations and social donation, and are distributed daily.

“We were not well. We started to eat at 09:00, and we had only one meal a day,” said a victim.

Victims would stay in relocation centers for a while, as their houses in low-lying areas were damaged by floodwater brought by Cyclone Kenneth.