The Communication Workers Union (CWU) says its members working at the South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC) are ready to go ahead with a strike over a wage dispute.

The union earlier withdrew a strike certificate while trade union BEMAWU has continued its strike at the public broadcaster. Employees are demanding at 10% wage increase, while the SABC says it cannot afford it and has instead offered an inflation-based increase next year.

CWU president, Clyde Mervin says they are preparing to issue the SABC with a new strike certificate.

“There has been talks for the last couple of days, and out of the talks there’s nothing new which came… and the members have said as far as they are concerned we must now do it right and strike. We also look at some political solutions – I think it’s about time that we drag in the new Minister of Communication, we’ll be talking to Cosatu but we can assure you is that our members are combat ready.”

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