Curro High School in Bloemfontein celebrates five straight years of 100 percent matric pass rate

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The Curro High School in Bloemfontein says the key to good results is good communication and commitment between learners, educators and parents.  The school is celebrating five straight years of 100 percent matric pass rates. Curro is one of six independent schools in the Free State whose matrics write the Independent Exam Board (IEB) papers.

“What is key is clear communication and but also making them aware of the fact that they are adorable. No challenge is too big to overcome. You are only limited by the boundaries of your mind. So if you put your mind to it and have a goal to achieve and you have a goal to achieve you can achieve it and I think that is very key, because that’s the new generation and generations still to come will outshine the ones that have cone before them,” says Jannie Louw, Operations Head at Curro Bloemfontein.

The matric class of 2021 from the school say they are proud that they have maintained the good performance.

This is what some of the learners had to say.

“I feel excited. It’s been one hectic year with COVID and all,” a learner explains.

“This year it’s to finalise my things to go and study in the USA. Urban planning, it’s always been an interest of mine, how cities are run and how people live in them,” says another learner.

“100%, I’m going to party today. We have already finalised with my friends to go out tonight, other than that, first of all, I’m moving to Cape Town.  I still need to decide on the university there, but I got in at a few places. And I’m going to go study law,” another learner elaborates.

“I’d like to either go study fine arts or graphic design,” a fellow learner says.

“I plan on enlisting for the army. Hopefully, I get accepted,” says another.

 Matric 2021 – Results for the IEB class of 2021 released: