Former South African Broadcasting Corporate (SABC) COO Hlaudi Motsoeneng says the public broadcaster needs a competent board and management to get it out of its current technical insolvency.

He says the SABC is technically insolvent because its current management does not know how to do business.

Motsoeneng was fired from SABC after being found guilty of putting it into disrepute for holding a media briefing in which he criticised the public broadcaster.

He now wants the SABC to release his pension pay out. The case is in the High Court in Johannesburg where the SABC wants an interim interdict until the conclusion of the trial which is seeking to recover a total of R21-million from Motsoeneng.

The SABC is arguing that the pension fund should continue to withhold the payout, saying Motsoeneng was dishonest for taking the ‘Success Fee’ of R11,5 million  he was not entitled to when he was COO. This was in relation to the MultiChoice deal.

Motsoeneng says the public broadcaster needs competent board and management.

“Since I have been at the SABC we talked about billions. This current board, they have been here for more than a year, R130-million. The reason why they are running away is because they don’t know how to deal with the issues at the SABC. When I was here, we talked about billions in the bank, cash. When you talk about them; you talk about R130-million. The reason why they are saying they can’t pay the workers now is because they don’t know how to run the business,” says Motsoeneng.

Motsoeneng has also accused the board members of harbouring ulterior motives when allegedly sought to tarnish his name after they took their jobs.

He referred to the rugby studio at the SABC headquarters that was built during his tenure, which reportedly cost the public broadcaster R52-million but has become a white elephant.

“I don’t understand why the studio should be a white elephant, why SABC can’t they use it because the studio is already there, and SABC has been using it. These people who came at the SABC, they came with an agenda just to tarnish the name of Hlaudi because of the Ad Hoc Committee and also to tarnish good managers within the SABC. Remember they said they’re dealing with Hlaudi enforcers, I don’t know who the enforcers are because what I know people are enforcers of the policy of the SABC,” says Motsoeneng.


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