Current power crisis will take at least five years to sort out : Analyst

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Energy analyst Adil Nchabeleng says it will take South Africa at least five years to cross over the current power crisis.

He says the 4000 to 6000mw of power needed to be added to the grid that has to be procured from outside sources takes time as these processes can not happen overnight.

Nchabeleng adds that there is no real commitment from Eskom to improve capacity.

He says, “The load shedding saga is a crisis to the economy, it is devastating lives, devastating businesses and not only that, jobs are being shed just because government refuses to take decisive action.”

Nchabeleng says the turning around of Eskom to work optimally requires a dedicated focused team of people, particularly a CEO and a Board that is dedicated.

“Right now, we can see the Board has made its own strategic decision, as well as its strategic objectives. They are not interested in repairing problems that occurred and are occurring within Eskom.”

Nchabeleng’s full interview: