Cape Town shutdown protesters block major roads

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Several major roads in Cape Town have been closed as the shutdown protests in various townships gather momentum.

The city is reporting that Voortrekker Road in Kensington, Jakes Gerwel and Bluegum Roads in Bonteheuwel and Hanover Park Avenue have been blocked by protestors.

One of the protest organisers Henrietta Abrahams says communities live in fear of gangs.

Abrahams says, “The Cape flats is under siege by the gangsters, by the drug dealers, the underworld, and government and the police are not doing enough, we are being kept hostage, our children cannot move and play around freely, nor is the people going to work.”

“We decided enough is enough we are taking to the streets and the only way to take to the streets is to kind of disrupt the economy,” added Abrahams.

Several people have also been arrested in Bonteheuwel and Ottery.