CSIR report shows lower support for ANC and DA at voting districts counted

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A report by the CSIR on the total Proportional Representation vote at voting districts across the country has shown a lower number of votes for the two largest political parties in South Africa, the ANC and the DA, compared to the votes at the same voting districts in 2016. The report is based on the vote count after 11.4% of voting districts (VD’s) were declared by 6am this morning. The CSIR National Support model shows that according to the number of proportional representation votes counted at the same stage in 2016, the ANC’s support is 44.2% compared to 51.6%.  Votes for the DA has also decreased in the voting districts declared so far, from 33% in 2016 to 28% this year. Support for other parties such as the EFF and the VF+ have increased.