Crowdfunding platforms help students raise funds for tuition

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Crowdfunding platform, BackaBuddy, says a number of students have raised thousands of rands on the online platform for their tuition at tertiary institutions this year.

The Chief Executive Officer, Patrick Schofield, says the students began the campaigns when they realised that they would have a shortage of funds. He says one student in Cape Town raised more than R40 000.

“A great example of a successful campaign was the campaign for Masilwe, who was at AFDA last year. A third year university student who had basically been suspended because she could not pay her fees and finish the year. She did not launch the campaign herself but rather her friend Luntu put the campaign up for her and by speaking to their friends, her family, his network, their colleagues, together he was able to champion her and raise R47 000 towards her fees,” says Schofield.

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