A rowdy crowd has disrupted the speech of the former Inkatha Freedom Party (IFP) leader Mangosuthu Buthelezi in Johannesburg. He was addressing the tenants of George Koch, Denver, and Jeppestown in Johannesburg.

Buthelezi attempted to appealed for calm and call on police to play their role in dealing with the violence in which foreign nationals are being targetted and their businesses are being burnt and looted.

He lashed out the Gauteng senior officials for cancelling to be part of the meeting with residents to discuss the violence that took place in recent weeks.

He says many people have lost their lives and their property. Buthelezi told the residents that the problems the country is facing now started a long time ago.

Buthelezi says the attacks on foreign nationals are not welcome in SA. He says these attacks are purely xenophobic.

He told the crowd that he’s here to bring peace among the residents.  Buthelezi has asked them to live together with foreign nationals as South Africans have also got businesses in other countries.

A large group left the gathering while Buthelezi was still delivering his address. The crowd has expressed dissatisfaction with his call for South Africans and foreign nationals to work together.