Cross-examination of first witness begins at Omotoso rape trial

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Defence advocate Peter Dauberman is on Wednesday expected to begin to cross-examine the first witness in the High Court in Port Elizabeth in the Timothy Omotoso rape trial.

Andisiwe Dike took to the stand two days ago, giving a chilling testimony on the sexual abuse she experienced allegedly from the leader of Jesus Dominion International church.

Omotoso and two co-accused face a total of 97 charges.

On Tuesday, the court was adjourned earlier than usual with the witness telling Judge Irma Schoeman that she was tired.

Wednesday will mark the third day of the trial.

Dike has testified that she was allegedly sexually assaulted by Omotoso on a regular basis that she even stopped counting.

She told the court that she did not report any of the incidents to the police as some police officials admired and honoured Omotoso.

Dike further said that she was also afraid of doing anything to offend Omotoso as she had been warned not to by a number of church members.

She alleged that she showed non-consent by not participating during her sexual encounters with Omotoso.

In this video, Jayed-Leigh Paulse reports that some Hawks’ Generals were member of the church.

Dike alleges she was regularly called to his room for sexual favours, saying she was too scared to object, as the women were warned not to go against Omotoso’s will.

They were made to believe that they would be punished by God. Dike said he had a different persona as the pastor in church, and the person at the church house.

In church, he was a person to look up to, respected, feared and admired. She alleges he would even boast in church by saying he is sleeping with the prettiest girls in the church, and his wife knows about it.

Dike adds that at home he did not even call the women with their names, but called them using animal names that related to their month of birth.

In the video below, Omotoso’s supporters chanting outside court

Church members threw clothes on the floor

She was called Tiger or April.  She said they were treated like objects. She mentioned that they did not get enough food.

In pictures shown in court, they were accommodated in a luxury double story house in La Lucia. They however slept on mattresses on the floor.

Dike says she was given money once to go home and had to return. She testified that she was too scared to lay charges against Omotoso as there were many police officials in the church who even threw their clothes on the floor for him to walk over.

 Dike battled with alcoholism

Dike continued to tell the court that when it came to light that activities in the house were out in the open on social media, the accused was furious.

She insisted that after his arrest, it was like someone had died, and the women all left when the house was closed down.

Dike said she then battled with alcoholism and depression for which she received treatment.

In the video below, SABC reporter Jayed-Leigh Paulse says members of the media were disappointed with a judgement not to allow cameras inside court: