Criminals attack truck drivers at Beitbridge Border Post

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Truck drivers waiting to cross the Beitbridge Border Post in Limpopo into Zimbabwe say they are being attacked by criminals while waiting in the queue on the N1.

Trucks have formed an eight kilometers long queue outside the border on the N1 as they waiting to cross the border.


Transport authorities say the delay is caused by the low number of officials to process the papers on the South African side of the border and stringent COVID-19 measures in Zimbabwe.

A driver, Lynton Ndlovu, says while they are stranded in the queues to cross the border, they have no access to water and ablution facilities.

“I have been here [for some time] … it’s my second day now. We have eight kilometers to the border gate … I just went to the border gate to see how officials are working … I was told that there is not enough staff inside that’s why things are slow,” explains Ndlovu.

Truck driver Hudson Nzuza says drivers are avoiding the Groblersbrug border post into Botswana on N11 as they will be forced to be quarantined in that country to avoid the spread of COVID-19.

Nzuza says drivers are seeking alternative routes to avoid COVID-19 related delays.

“Many trucks are using this border [gate] because we just heard trucks from Botswana were sent back to use this Beitbridge Border Post because that side maybe they are scared of COVID-19 and they are on lockdown,” adds Nzuza.

In the video below, SABC News reporter, Lutendo Bobodi gives an update on the situation at the border gate: