Dalton Hostel residents voice concern over rise in crime

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A hostel dwellers organisation, Ubunye BamaHostela in Dalton, Durban, is threatening to take matters into its own hands due to the rising crime levels in the city centre.

Numerous motorists reported being hijacked and robbed of their possessions such as cellphones and handbags at gunpoint.

Pedestrians and motorists, who usually frequent Durban’s More Road interchange, say it is a nightmare to pass this area. The street has now been dubbed ” the city’s most dangerous public spot”.

Groups of homeless people and vagrants roam freely in the area, targeting unsuspecting victims. They use the dungeons and drainage pipes under bridges as escape and hide-out spots, after launching an attack.

Some fed-up motorists and pedestrians have been robbed of their valuables at gunpoint.

Ubunye BamaHostela says should the government continue to turn a blind eye to beef up security in this area, they are on hand to patrol.

“SAPS and Metro are failing to control this situation because every day more than five cars are stoned. Cases are opened every day, but they don’t take serious action. If they don’t stop this, it will be disastrous,” says spokesperson Mthembisen Thusi. 

KwaZulu-Natal police spokesperson, Colonel Robert Netshiunda says the area has been troubled for years.

“Police have also been issuing several warnings to motorists and residents to be cautious when commuting on roads, under the bridges, and at intersections. The issue of vagrants making a home for themselves in and around the city is beyond policing. The authorities working together with police and relevant government departments need to seek lasting solutions that will eradicate the problem. Homeless people who are roaming the streets without any employment become easy targets for criminal syndicates to recruit them into committing crime.”

Police say they will monitor the area, but have called for partners in arresting the situation.