Crime, instability are hindering foreign investment: Meshoe

Kenneth Meshoe
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African Christian Democratic Party (ACDP) leader Kenneth Meshoe says crime and instability are hindering foreign investment.

Meeting farmers in Bloemfontein, Meshoe said his party’s policies can make the country conducive to job creation.

Meshoe said he was hopeful that the ACDP would perform well in the Free State, as people had lost hope in the current government.

“But now many people are saying I’m still considering my option. Actually isn’t it the statistics are saying the majority of people in South Africa are now considering who they are going to vote for?

“Some have not made up their mind which is good for us because in the past when you go to the people they used to say I’ve made up my mind this is my party,  this is my struggle party but now 25 years we have supported people who have failed to deliver now is the time to look at different options and thus people are looking for different options. We say ACDP has policies which make sense,” Meshoe argues.