Crime fighting mobile App ‘Namola’ launched

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Crime fighting mobile App “Namola” has officially been launched nationwide. Namola is a free crime response App that allows users to share their GPS coordinates, name and nature of the emergency with a 24/7 response call centre.

For genuine alerts, police, other emergency response and citizen responders are then dispatched and monitored.

Namola improves efficiencies and alleviates pressures placed on 10111 centres by pre-screening alerts. It also pinpoints the user’s exact location, making it easy for emergency services to find them.

According to Statistics SA’s Victims of Crime Survey, 1.2 million South African households experienced 1.5 million crime incidents in the last financial year.

‘Namola’, SA’s latest crime fighting App has been specially designed in an attempt to lower these disturbing figures.

“We know crime is a problem in South Africa and we have to be pro-active. We have to use technology to make SA safe. The Namola App has been piloted in Gauteng and Stellenbosch and we are delighted to go national, which means in an emergency all you have to do is go to the app and press one button and you are guaranteed a call back within a few seconds. We are partnering with local authorities; with the Saps; with community safety, and we really want to make a difference and make SA safe,” says Crime activist and Namola Chief ambassador Yusuf Abramjee.

The App is aimed at improving efficiencies and alleviating pressures placed on 10111 call centres by pre-screening alerts.

Abramjee says the App also pinpoints the user’s exact location, making it easy for emergency services to find them.

“We are working closely with the 10111 centres. We know 10111 is a problem and many people can’t get through. With the App it makes it much easier for victims of crime to report crime. You don’t have to give your address; you don’t have to give your street. Its all GPS-located, which means in an emergency, the control centre can see were you are which could be lifesaving. We will hold the police to account if they don’t deliver on their mandate of serving. We will make sure that necessary action is taken and we have the endorsement of the minister of police as well.”

Namola is not only an app for related incidents. Abramjee says the App is linked to all emergency services such as the fire department, ambulance services and security personnel.

“The control centre will alert any authority whatever the need is fire, ambulance, paramedics, police, we will make sure that those authorities are alerted. It’s basically a one stop call centre for an emergency. Like we have in other countries one central number, Namola is your one stop for emergencies.”

The Gauteng Department of Community Safety has fitted 75 response vehicles with the new ‘Namola’ safety App, to speedily respond to emergencies in the province.

“I can tell you know that this is a system that works. Speaking on behalf of the MEC, she gave an instruction that we are all going to support this thing based on what we see and on the clip there. We have devoted vehicles. We have about 75 that are in support, that are fitted with the system of Namola and that is a demonstration by the provincial government of the seriousness as far as crime prevention is concerned,” says Chief Director of the Gauteng Department of Community Safety, Steve Phodile.

Namola is available at no cost. To turn your phone into a panic button, search for Namola in the Apple App Store or Google Play.