Creecy to visit Western Cape to assess damage following fire

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Environmental Affairs Minister Barbara Creecy will visit the Western Cape today to assess the damage following the fire on Table Mountain that ravaged a number of structures including the University of Cape Town’s (UCT) historic Jagger Library.

The university has begun work to try to save and restore valuable academic resources, including books, manuscripts, and maps that were housed at the institution’s historical Jagger Library.

Four thousand university students were evacuated and accommodated at hotels across the city.

Creecy says measures should be put in place to avoid such incidents in the future.

“We do understand that wildfires are part of the phenomena of climate change. All of us are going to rethink our management processes in terms of trying to prevent wildfires. But we do know that wildfires do burn and that is part of the natural ecological science. One of the things I want to do is express my gratitude to the hundreds of firefighters who fought that fire very bravely.”

Western Cape Premier is visiting Roeland Street Fire Station:

One man has appeared in court and two others are being sought in connection with the fire that damaged several buildings on UCT’s Upper campus.

Properties not spared

The house of Labour Minister Thulas Nxesi is one of the properties gutted by the raging mountain fire.

The homes of three other members of the Cabinet also had to be evacuated in Warmer Estate early on Monday morning.

The spokesperson for the Ministry of Public Works, Zara Nicholson, says no one was hurt.

“The department is in contact with various ministries to determine the level of support that the families need but they have all managed to secure alternate accommodation and we have informed them to notify the department if they need any further assistance. SAPS has advised these families not to return to their homes as it is not completely safe to do so. In Groote Schuur Estate on Sunday the fire has come close to the Deputy President’s house in Cape,” says Nicholson.