Creecy launches South African Pavillion at COP26 climate summit

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South Africa has formally marked its presence at the COP 26 climate summit in Glasgow with the official opening of the national pavilion in the conference venue.

The Minister of Environment, Forestry and Fisheries Barbara Creecy delivered the opening speech and highlighted that ‘we all have a role to play’ when it comes to fighting climate change.

She said the richest nations on earth are not doing enough to help the developing world when it comes to fighting climate change.

Creecy said that the event in the United Kingdom allowed South Africa ‘to showcase the work’ it was already doing, and renewed calls for greater financing to help decarbonise developing economies.

She added that the pledges previously made to help countries decarbonise their economies were not being met.

Speaking at the launch of the South African Pavillion at the COP 26 climate summit, Minister Creecy also said that the process of moving away from coal was a long one, but hugely important to the countries future.

Minister Barbara Creecy on South Africa’s transition to renewable energy: