A trust to preserve the legacy of Credo Mutwa has been opened by his family. Credo is a celebrated psychic, philosopher and author.

Mutwa’s life was celebrated in his hometown of Magojaneng.

The 97-year-old foretold, among others, the fall of former president Thabo Mbeki and the 9/11 attacks in the US.

His vigour belies his age, at 97 Credo is sprightly and barely able to contain his excitement.

Tributes flowed as Mutwa was celebrated in his home town.

Professor Pitika Ntuli an African Philosopher says: “Ntate Credo is a very rare specimen an African in a true sense of what an African was really meant to be. He is a person who draws his sustenance from the umbilical cord that links him to the land.”

The Sanusi has been described as a man with many extraordinary gifts.

His family boasts of their privilege to have witnessed the different facets of the African author.

His daughter Nosipho Mutwa says: “Ubaba has got different sides of him. Ubaba has a side of an actor and ubaba has a side of a singer. Ubaba is a sanusi. Ubaba predicts dreams so ubaba can be celebrated in many ways.”

Also a tradional healer, the 97-year-old inspired many across the country and across all racial lines to follow and believe in their spirituality.

Gavin Andersson a traditional healer says: “Our generation has been blessed with this great wisdom, creative spirit and many people have ignored that.”

Adele Smith a traditional healer says: “Somebody is 97-years-old and has lived an inspiring life and a visionary life and has made a way for all of us.”

Now with the Credo Mutwa Trust opened, it is hoped that the elder’s efforts to impart African wisdom and spirituality will endure.