After years of living in a dilapidated house, world renowned Sanusi, author, traditional healer and artist, Credo Mutwa and his family will move into a large refurbished home.

The construction of the home, which was done by the Department of Arts and Culture, was a stop start affair which left the family uncertain of when it would be finished.

At the handover of the home by Sports, Arts and Culture Minister Nathi Mthetwa, Mutwa’s wife, Virginia, expressed joy at now being able to look after her aging husband in a more habitable home.

“I didn’t agree for my husband to be looked after by the people of the old age. I want to be with him. But today I am so happy because I’m going to be with my husband, loveliest one, my loveliest one than anyone in a beautiful house. No rain will get us.”

Mthethwa has explained that renovations to the house of South African legend, Credo Mutwa, are part of the beginning of truly honouring the Sanusi.

“And beyond today there is what we said we should be doing going forward ongoing engagement; conversation with the public about the role baba Mutwa has played in our country as a sanusi.”