Credo Mutwa makes emotional return to Lotlamoreng Dam in Mahikeng

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Well-known spiritual and traditional healer, Credo Mutwa, made an emotional return to the Lotlamoreng Dam in Mahikeng, an area from which he was evicted during Apartheid.

He used the occasion to call on the government to preserve its history and to speed up development in the area.

A call to the gods to bless this once sacred space as it used to be home to historian, sculptor and traditional healer Credo Mutwa.

Many people used to make the trek here to learn from the well-known spiritual leader.

But over three decades ago the former Bophuthatswana homeland government evicted him from a cave where he had been living with his wife.

Mutwa says, “Lotlamoreg is a very important sheet of water. I am talking cold historical truth, history should not be thrown away like an old pumpkin. History should not be scoffed on. History should be not mocked.”

Mutwa is now 97 years-old. His return to the derelict Lotlamoreng Dam will help revive the resort. The refurbishment of the dam would benefit nearby communities.

MEC for Culture and Traditional Affairs Ontlametse Mochware says, “Ntate Credo Mutwa is being regarded as our living heritage. Ntate Credo Mutwa was behind the history of Lotlamoreng, now as government we would love to develop the area, and according to tradition of the founders we had to request him to do the rituals to see as to whether that will be permissible or what. To revive the area, Lotlamoreng Dam.”

Kgosi Phenyo Motshegare, Barolong Boo Ratshidi: “We really would like to see development taking place here. It is so unfortunate that we’ve been trying to engage with each other, meaning the provincial departments and Bogosi, but I am happy to announce that now there is a common purpose whereby we will be working together in trying to work together with projects, developments that will benefit our people as a whole. “

The traditional rituals have been done, now it’s over to the North West government to outline detailed development plans to revive the Lotlamoreng Dam and Cultural Village and set deadlines for its delivery.