Credo Mutwa laid to rest

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Renowned traditional healer, Credo Vusamazulu Mutwa has been laid to rest in Magojaneng in Kuruman in the Northern Cape early on Saturday morning.  

The African scholar, Sanusi, writer and sculpture passed away at the age of 98.  

He has been described as an intellectual who sought freedom for African people.  

In the video below, Mutwa is laid to rest on Saturday morning: 

Mutwa foresaw the assassination of communist leader Chris Hani, the 1976 youth uprising, and the September 11 attacks in the United States of America.   

He was also a cultural activist and an author of several books – including Indaba My Children – that are based on African customs and beliefs.  

The Chairperson of the Credo Mutwa Reference group – Dr Wally Serote – says Mutwa’s life should be a lesson to all.

Ntate Mutwa is one of the most important reference points for Africans in general. The young people of this country who are looking and trying to find out who they are can use him as a point of reference. He travelled all over the world, studying the universe, studying the cosmos and ensuring that in the area of indigenous, healing is counted among the best and that’s why we call him Sanusi.”   

In the video below, the 98-year-old sangoma Credo Mutwa foretold, among others, the fall of former president Thabo Mbeki and the 9/11 attacks in the US: