Renovations of Credo Mutwa’s Kuruman home in the Northern Cape will be completed in the next two weeks. The 98-year-old Sanusi has had to move to a smaller house in his yard, to make way for renovations by the Northern Cape Department of Sport, Arts and Culture.

The work started in February and was expected to take only two months; however, there have been a few delays.

Northern Cape Department of Sport, Arts and Culture Spokesperson, Conrad Fortune, says that they have replaced the roof of Muntwa’s home.

“We have replaced the roof of the home, we secured the perimeter with fencing as they are old age, we have also reinforced the walls inside the house after discussions with our infrastructure unit. They have indicated that, by the end of the month everything, should be finalised and the family can move back to the home because they have temporarily moved out to a place next door.”

The Credo Mutwa foundation members have met to discuss the renovations and other matters related to his legacy. Foundation Spokesperson, Matshediso Setai, says the department initially ran out of funds.

“The Department of Arts and Culture in the Northern Cape has started the project and the understanding is that they ran out of funds, that they had gone back to re-prioritise the completion of the project. We not sure whether or what informed them going back; is it social media platforms pressure or it is part of their project planning which we don’t have access to?”