Former eNCA political journalist Samkele Maseko says the credibility of journalists must be protected by the institutions they work for. Maseko has welcomed the news channel’s decision to fire its News Chief Kanthan Pillay with immediate effect.

Pillay’s dismissal follows his attack on Maseko on social media in which he labelled the journalist a “rat” after Maseko’s departure from eNCA.

Speaking to SABC News, Maseko says eNCA made the right move.

” eNCA has taken the right decision. You can’t put the credibility of other journalists on the line just because of one particular individual who has sinister motives. You’ve got to protect your employees, all of them .”

Maseko has demanded a personal apology from Pillay

Pillay issued a public apology for his “rat” remarks.

However, Maseko says a personal apology would be fitting since Pillay had attacked him personally: “I would have loved for Kanthan Pillay to give me a call personally to apologise for the racist rant he had against me. A simple public apology is not enough for someone you have wronged because when you wronged someone, you wronged them personally by embarrassing them in the newsroom and then taking to social media to further continue with that humiliation.”